Photo booth hire at Star City – Stuck in the lift

Photo booth hire at Star City

All my photo booth equipment got stuck in the lift during a photo booth hire at Star City. It all happened when I arrived for Ellie’s 21st Birthday party. I’ve been to Star City several time, so I know the place well. It did not occur to me that I’d need to use the lift to take the photo booth up to the first floor of goals soccer centre where they have a function room. I thought the safest way to get the heavy stuff up was to use the disability access lift.

I packed the photo booth equipment in with the help of the security guard. After that, I went up the stairs to call the lift. Halfway up, the lift got stuck. This became a race against time. Panic! will I resolve this situation in time for booking start time?

The very helpful security guard made a call to the manager. With a lot of trial and error, we were soon able to send the lift back down. He knew what he was doing. In no time, we were able to send the lift back up again this time in 3 separate trips.  I went straight into auto pilot mode, unpacking, assembling and setting up. Yes we made it. The photo booth was ready to use bang on time. With a lot of sweat and scrapes of course.

Sometimes when you book a venue and want to have a photo booth, you may be worried about space. The allocated space was small but the booth was able to fit in. The guests didn’t mind squeezing around it to get in. Our recommended floor space a full photo booth setup is 3 meters by 3 meters. They took lots of photos and loved every moment of it. The theme was gold and black and we designed a nice photo template to go with it.

If you’re unsure of whether the space you have will do for the photo booth hire, you can always contact us to discuss this.

Jess & Millie’s Bliss Birthday party photo booth Burton upon Trent

Double birthday photo booth Burton upon Trent

This Friday 14th October, was in Burton on Trent for a double 14th birthday party. Yes it was double the fun double the excitement and double the bliss for Jess and Millie at the Barton Under Needwood Bowls Club. We delivered our new birthday party photo booth Burton upon Trent.

We set off very early from Birmingham to get there but unfortunately arrived later than expected due to the extended traffic on the A38. In addition, our postcode also took us to a back country road but with the help of the parents and staff at the venue we were redirected.

We had a nice space already decorated and signed ‘photo booth’ waiting for us at the venue. To allow for extra space a partial photobooth was setup. This takes less space and is not enclosed. It looks like a selfie pod. We also had a wonderful surprise waiting for us. Props! lots and lots of props to choose from. The Birthday children’s parents had organised all this for the event. We didn’t even need to bring out our own props. They had such a wide range to choose from. I can fairly say we’ve got some new prop ideas from them.

In conclusion, it was a successful event because everyone at the event contributed to making it a fabulous birthday party. In addition, I even learnt how to properly ‘dab’. Dabbing is a new selfie pose which is a variation of the dab dance made popular by footballers and other celebrities.