Wedding Photo Booth Hire – How To Find The Perfect Company!

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Considering the complexities with the organisation of a normal event, let alone a wedding.  We all know that certain things don’t have to be perfect. Therefore it stands to reason there will be things that can’t even have the slightest of imperfections. Because you’re looking for the items or services that will transform your wedding into the monumental event you dreamed of.  Every crucial decision made will add to the sparkle.  Your wedding is for you to enjoy and the experts to provide the extras. Take a look below for a little direction on how to pick the best Wedding Photo Booth Hire.


There are not a lot of things to consider when choosing your Wedding Photo Booth Hire for the wedding.  Due to the expertise of the Photo Booth suppliers, it takes away the hassle of you making often rash decisions.  Make sure you ask the following key questions:


  • Are there packages or can we customise our quote?
  • Is there any charge for major or minor damage?
  • Are all guests covered with insurance?
  • Do we get copies of the photos?
  • Is the service a full service?
  • Do you have any testimonials or ratings?

Some of these questions may seem basic, however, they are normally the sorts of questions that are not asked.  This can lead to sometimes terrible experiences with not so reputable companies.  Once you have these questions formulated, you can begin the best way to search for your Wedding Photo Booth Hire.


When we say rules, we don’t necessarily mean rules in the strictest sense.  Above all this is supposed to be a pleasant experience! These are very basic ‘rules’, use whichever way you feel most comfortable with.  Looking for the right person to handle your Photo Booth requirements for your wedding or in fact any event can be a simple process. Especially armed with the right information, with the perfect company to fulfil them.


Do you have a budget in mind for your Wedding Photo Booth Hire? If so then great! With the budget idea you can begin searching. Remember, your budget will only be what you think the company will charge.  There will be costs involved with such an extensive service as Photography, that you wouldn’t have thought of.  So, don’t be too put off if these costs out reach your ‘thought of’ budget. Companies shouldn’t and many certainly don’t, put the prices up when the ‘W’ word is used.  So don’t be afraid to tell them exactly what you want.  Many companies have special packages for weddings with extra special details exactly for those occasions.  If you neglect to mention what event it is for, you may be missing out on special promotions only available for those specific events!   The best way forward with budget is:


  • Do you have packages specifically for Photo Booth Weddings?
  • Is there a deposit/when are payments due?
  • Can I build a custom package?
  • Do you offer discounts on multiple services/dates?

Each business/establishment will have its own set guide to deposits and other terms and conditions.  Just remember to ask what these are and check for transparency.  The more information they are willing to tell you the better. Many reputable companies hiring Photo Booths for weddings or any event are well versed in knowing exactly what you need. So don’t be afraid to ask!


Wedding Photo Booth Hire are a great idea!  Mainly when they’re placed in the correct space available.  We are not saying that you need to pick your location – for your booth.  But definitely, use you space wisely when locating the position.  Placing it in a side room, where guests need to leave the lively music, or other guests dancing. Or anywhere where the room or wall space gives the Photo Booth no room to breath. Is a definite no-no.  When you are spending a portion of your wedding budget on something as unique and bespoke as a Personalised Wedding Photo Booth. Make sure it is the centre attraction! Ensure the guests and both of you, can realise the full potential.  Keep the Photo Booth with all the atmosphere, not tucked away. Ensure the place you pick for it, gives the company enough room to.


Ask them for the preferred space needed.  If you can go as far to email pictures of where you would want it to go, even better! Don’t forget they want your wedding to be the best possible so always ask for guidance.  Take a look at the key points below.


  • Find a place where guests will always pass/see
  • Give the Photo Booth room to breath
  • Ask for the space needed
  • Ask advice about extra tables for props etc

Remember, sometimes things cant always go how we would want them too.  There might not be space, or the only available space is a side room. This does not, have to impede your night! Ask the Photo Booth company if they can provide signage to the room.  Place it as close to a bar as possible, guests like to mingle near a bar, that way, the night can still be remembered exactly how you want.  Photo Booth companies are used to adapting, on many occasions these little imperfections are not even noticed.  And if they are? The only person to notice will be the Wedding Photo Booth Hire company and it wont reach your guests or your radar.  Thats how good the companies are!


There are many different start and end times for any event, let alone a wedding!  These can range from an evening hire or day hire.  Most Wedding  Photo Booth hire companies, offer a three hour hire period.  Of course there is the possibility to arrange longer or intervals.  Asking questions and giving as much detail as possible is the best course.  For instance, if you’re planning to have speeches and a first dance.  Followed by a DJ, or some form of band/music.  It is a great idea to have the booth start between 6.30 – 8.30pm, either just after speeches and the first dance.  Or when the DJ/music starts.  That way it gets people in the mood for photos, and having a good time with selfies and props.  This can give you time to relax and have a look around.


Take stock of your night whilst the music is playing and your guests entertained.  Make sure you have plenty and plenty of turns! These are tried and tested start times and ensure the best result for your special night. As always there are many ways to accommodate you! If the start times for the best suitability don’t match your night? Have a chat with the Photo Booth company and they will organise the best possible start times to match your unique wedding!


A free bar at your event or wedding, or even a paid bar is a great way to give your guests the courage for a good picture! Grab the props and your best selfie smile and pose away! Double check with your Photo Booth company that they allow alcohol consumption during usage of each guest. Also check that the attendant provided (if a full service package is opted for). Will be able to control the wry waving hand of a group shot, or a  slightly tipsy guest from ruining a single pose.  Normally the Photo Booth Attendants will try to blend in as much as possible to try and give you a personal experience. Normally this ads to the illusion that it’s a totally private event due to the guests acting naturally. Keep in mind the below points when mixing alcohol and photography!

  • People that have had too much to drink will not look pretty on camera
  • Sensible attendants who can control shots
  • Alcohol is not needed for an amazing Wedding Photo Booth experience
  • Don’t forget it isn’t the attendants job to calm down over zealous guests, (but they will assist where needed)!


The generation of the selfie blasted off over night! However ,nowadays the ‘generation’ of selfie kings and queens has expanded beyond the ‘night clubber’ and ‘student’. Everyone is trying to get that good picture.

No one can resist the temptation of a decent Wedding Photo Booth.  With the incredible quality of the back drops, the variety of the props, everyone will be running to get the first pictures.  But, what happens if you think they wont?  Talk to your Photo Booth company, there are many things that can be done to get your guests swarming.  They will put your mind at ease.  The biggest client may be surprising, but the younger generation will dance to the booth in droves!  When the first line of young adults start jiving their way.


The ice will break and the rest of the guests will follow.  With appropriate props and gorgeous signage, the eye catching booth with the stunning backdrop will leave your guests with memories as special as yours.


As the evening draws on the light in the room will constantly change.  Each Photo Booth Company will have specific cameras and lighting equipment that just cant be replicated with a DIY Wedding Photo Booth.  Unless of course, you happen to be a photographer! Double check with your Photo Booth company for their requirements. Normally they will not need anything just a rough idea of curtains and location.


Depending if your wedding has a theme or not.  You may not want to have ‘fancy dress’ as part of the Wedding Photo Booth Package. You may opt for a stylish package with maybe the option for a few props.  Ask your Photo Booth Company what props they supply and any suggestions depending on the theme of what you could provide.  Don’t forget, the more effort you put in the better the results will be.  The Photo Booth company may be very good at what they do. However they are not clairvoyant, ask them what they advise for a stylish theme, or a fancy dress one! Which ever you choose, keep in mind the Photo Booth company will provide what you need to keep smiles on everyone faces.


Ensuring you pick the correct How to Find a Wedding Photo Booth Hire for Your Wedding company for your wedding.  Or in-fact, a Photo Booth for any event, couldn’t be easier, with all the points above in general remember mainly to:

  • Ask questions – The more you ask the Photo Booth company the more they can help
  • Be imaginative – Remember this is your big day, nothing is too small
  • Cost can be off set against memories and recommendations
  • Anything the Photo Booth Company can do they will do


Above all, the Wedding Photo Booth hire company, will be the one to make your evening the talk of the town.  And the best thing?  You can hire them again for any event! If you found this featured article on How to Find a Wedding Photo Booth Hire for Your Wedding use full, please share it. Also keep an eye out for more articles coming soon.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]